Jasmeet Kohli

Friday 3 August 2018

What is better - Process Excellence, Operational Excellence or Business Excellence?

Many organizations & consultants these days claim having expertise in Process Excellence(PEX) or Operational Excellence(OPEX) or Business Excellence(BEX), which leaves many other organizations and customers confused, who have little idea about these terms and leaves them wondering which path to take. All these 3 terms may look distinct from each other, but in reality are connected and lie on the same path of continuous improvement.
  1. Process Excellence: It means realizing the full potential of process - free flow of value within the process and elimination of all kinds of waste so that maximum output can be realized from the process with the minimum of inputs (costs, time and resources)
  2. Operational Excellence: It means enhancing the efficiency of the operations to its optimum level, which requires great coordination between various dependent and independent processes and across departments, functions, verticals and suppliers. Again, the focus is on elimination of all kinds of waste but at a much broader level, which encompasses the whole operations of the organization. Some other models which have gained prominence as part of Operational Excellence are Service Excellence and Delivery Excellence.
  3. Business Excellence: It comprises of all the activities taking place within the organization, starting from the policy goals and strategy adopted by the top management to the operational plans formulated and implemented in the organization to the actual delivery to the customer and achieving the results to realize the goals and objectives.
In a nutshell, all the excellent processes and operational plans of the organization are of no use if the end customer is not happy with what he is delivered or the organization is unable to achieve its goals.
Now, it depends on you which type of excellence you wish to achieve for your organization....

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