Jasmeet Kohli

Friday 3 August 2018

Hurdles in Lean Implementation

Lean has often been discussed as a solution for all the problems afflicting a business organization. But it is also a bitter truth that lean has very often failed also in numerous organizations, due to mainly the following reasons;
  1. Top management itself putting hurdles in lean implementation through pushing the subordinate managers to take up current issues & pushing Lean initiatives in the background thus giving passive encouragement to "Firefighting"
  2. Operational resistance to lean implementation due to fear of "job loss" which increases mainly due to "one way" line of communication between upper ad lower levels in the organization
  3. Launching lean initiatives without explaining its meaning and benefits to the employees or answering their doubts & queries
  4. Cultural differences due to ethnic, language or any other issues which create lack of acceptability among the employees
  5. Lack of adaptability to quickly change as per the market conditions, especially in organizations producing or dealing in a large variety of products in :
  • changes in product portfolios as per customer demand
  • changes in product design
  • quick delivery of customer orders
  • quick liquidation of dead inventory
6. Treating "Reduction in Inventory" as a 'Business Asset loss" due to successful implementation of few lean projects
7. Long decision making processes
8. Limited or no resources for lean projects
9. Communication barriers between different levels in the organization leading to "lack of transparency"
10. Lastly, hiring a Consultant for Lean Implementation but not listening to their advice and giving them unreasonable timelines and targets.

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