Jasmeet Kohli

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Data not available for your Six Sigma Project - No Problem !!!!

Although data is a very critical requirement for Lean Six Sigma projects, still there are situations like organizations which have just started Lean Six Sigma implementation, where data is not at all available or whatever data is available is very unreliable or can't be verified due to unavailability of process experts.
Many people would say that a Lean Six Sigma approach is not possible due to unavailability of data, still a project can be done through the same methodology by:
  • The Project Charter would comprise of the usual business case, problem, potential goals, project team & SIPOC with high level process map. But the difference would be that the problem & potential goals would be qualitative rather than quantitative.
  • A detailed process mapping exercise could be conducted for detailed understanding of the process, with possible measures & metrics. The detailed process map can be used to do a value stream analysis of the process & collect the relevant data for the same.
  • An initial FMEA could be done by the team to address the process weaknesses & a Cause & Effect (Fishbone) diagram exercise could be done to identify the possible x's. Once the x's are identified, data can be collected for these x's & a MSA can be done using them.
  • Once the data is collected, our project becomes a typical Lean Six Sigma project & can be done using the same DMAIC approach, as used in other DMAIC projects where data is normally available.

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