Jasmeet Kohli

Friday 3 August 2018

Cost of Training vs Cost of Vacancy

Every organization has a number of vacancies from time to time, having some job requirements. These vacancies are filled up with candidates with the required skills, generally by the HR or specialist people like Recruitment or Talent Acquisition.
Everything goes on smoothly but often there are instances where candidates with the required skills sets or experience are not found. Very often, such vacancies remain vacant for long as the cost of training or developing a new employee is looked down upon. But here lies the catch - there is a cost associated with a vacant position, especially in the service industry which could have been ignored or not given sufficient importance. Another pitfall of a vacant position is that responsibilities of a vacant position are given temporarily to another employee. creating a great risk of the occurrence of Lean waste of Muri or Unreasonableness (putting unreasonable workload on workers or machines). It may also have a cascading effect of putting that person also not able to justify his job responsibilities fully, thus multiplying the negative effects.
So what course correction should the organizations do:
  1. Let the situation remain as it is & hire only those candidates which fulfill all the requirements?
  2. Should the organizations give due importance to cost of vacancy also & take in candidates who fulfill a majority of the job requirements & train the candidate on rest of the requirements, within a reasonable timeframe?

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