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Wednesday 12 September 2018

Human Mistakes - What are they???

Human errors are caused by human beings & can be defined as “An inappropriate action or response by a person which gives an undesired or unexpected outcome.” The major reason for human error is that Human performance is variable & not constant. Another major reason is that the monitoring & measuring mechanism of error detection & error correction has flaws or weak controls, which allows the error to occur.
Types of Human Mistakes
Forgetfulness - These mistakes are most common caused by not concentrating.
Miscommunication - These mistakes are caused by not reading the instructions and jumping to conclusions
Error in Identification - Wrong judgment by humans and not identifying the factors properly
Errors by Untrained Workers - Lack of imparting training to workers or deploying workers in projects where they are not trained to work
Willful errors - Deliberately ignoring rules, may be due to pressure situations like lack of time or resources, etc.
Inadvertent errors - Errors caused by distraction or fatigue or similar reasons
Slowness - Errors caused by delay in judgment and taking action when its too late
Lack of standards - Errors caused by not having or following any standards(written or visual)
Surprise errors - Errors caused by malfunctioning of machines, machine breakdown or machine not capable of doing the desired work
Intentional errors - Least caused. Errors caused intentionally like sabotage or terrorist acts.
For detailed information, pls watch the following video:

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